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Professionsal Lawn pest control throughout Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex and Surrey

Sick and tired of a dry, uneven lawn?

If it’s not the weather, disease or moss destroying the grass, its pests. Grubs and bugs eat away at the precious roots, killing off any hope of a beautiful lawn. Our professional and fully trained team here at Nulawn have the knowledge and experience to deal with the uninvited guests, keeping your lawn larvae free and healthy.

Our Pest Control Services are ideal for targeting:

Chafer Grubs

The garden chafer is the most common chafer grub to be found living under the lawn in the UK. It is the larval stage of the May bug and will cause wide spread damage to lawns if unchecked. A good indication of the existence of both leatherjackets and chafer grubs is the congregating of birds and animals on the lawn which dig into the turf and feed on the pests.

Leatherjackets (Crane fly, Daddy Long Legs)

Due to the changing weather and the humid temperatures, crane fly populations have expanded. Crane flies, otherwise known as Daddy Long Legs lay their eggs in grassy areas. The larve then feed off the roots thus destroying your lawn.

Worm Casts

Although earthworms are beneficial to the aeration on lawns, as well as aiding the breakdown of thatch, too many worm casting become unsightly and can ruin the aesthetic of any lawn.

Think you have an infestation?

Our team will be able to determine the cause of your turf’s problem and deal with it accordingly.

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